App visits

Our award-winning branded work with Domino’s has taken us from the underground worlds of Yodel Rap and Pizza Play, all the way to the catwalks of London.

Back in 2021 we were approached by Domino’s to make a social film to accompany their above the line Yodelling TVC. We pitched them Yodel Boiz, where yodelling meets UK Drill. The film was received brilliantly, with just under 2 million views combined. Audiences even loved the tune, wondering whether it was real or not, inspiring a lively discussion on Radio 1.

A year later we brought the fictional group back, this time in a bid for the Christmas Number 1 spot. Part mockumentary, part music video, the content blew up online, gaining benchmark-breaking engagement rates and a 96% positive sentiment.  The track has also been released on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal getting over 40,000 streams.

The success of Yodel Boiz saw us collaborate with Domino’s once more, this time we were tasked with standing out during the Valentine's Day marketing clutter. Our answer was to take audiences into the fictitious underground world of Pizza Play, where customers pay to be treated like Pizza. It became Channel 4’s most successful branded content film of all time, garnering millions of online views, unique engagements and sending 30k unique visitors to the Domino’s app and won two Lovie Awards in the process.