We make funny work

An independent comedy production company

Mother’s Best Child has written and produced comedy shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and Comedy Central.

Our trademark style of comedy has gained over 500 million views, been broadcast in 47 worldwide territories, trended number one on YouTube, and been used as cut through content for the NHS.

Channel 4 - Nasty Neighbours (2 Series)

The second series of the hilarious Nasty Neighbours sketch show is out, showcasing plenty of new horribly brilliant comedy characters.

Domino's - Yodel Boiz

The world's first Yodel Rap.

Channel 4 - The B@IT (4 Series)

The fourth instalment of our hit satirical sketch show for Channel 4. We have made 50 episodes across four series with a fifth in production.

Working with...

“MBC are one of a kind. They are pretty much my go to creatives in the digital space if I am looking for something incredibly original yet with mass appeal. They work their asses off! I think they have a real specialty for blending comedy with punchy and cut through noisy ideas.”

Laura Marks, C4 Commissioner

Hijacking culture

Since the start, we’ve looked to hijack and create culture across linear and online. Our work has always shifted rapidly with the times, we no longer write comedy by candle light and hand stitch meme tapestries, but we do continue to make work that screams “WATCH ME!” like the needy little piece of content it is.