Formed in 2012, MBC’s trademark style of comedy has gained over online 500 million views, been broadcast in 47 worldwide territories, trended number one on YouTube, and been used as cut through teen content for the NHS.

The original fake news

In the beginning, we manipulated clips of celebrities and politicians just for kicks. It was a style that sent us viral and got us noticed. Our big break was when we wrote The Real Housewives of Isis sketch for BBC Two’s Revolting, which is still the most talked about sketch of recent years.

Since then our work has been on BBC2, BBCThree, C4, Comedy Central, been debated on Fox News, Russia Today, and inside Ja Rule’s iPhone repair shop in the Stratford Westfields.

We write funny

Our creative team is led by Guy and Dan, who met as teenagers and bonded over Chris Morris, DIY Punk and David Guetta. Together they have gone from hanging green screen off washing lines, to writing and directing comedy for some of the world’s biggest broadcasters.

We hijack culture

Fast forward to 2021 and we’re hijacking and creating culture across linear and online. This has always been our thing; creatively blurring the lines between what is and isn’t real. Elon Musk said it best “Mother’s Best Child mada me question reality. I gord the whole simulation fing from dem. Oh no, I jud oopsied my pants”